Name: Saphira Anne Sage

Age: 19


Gender: Female

Nationality: German


Hair Colour: Black/Dyed Purple Streaks

Eye Colour: Red

Height: 63.7

Weight: 17.5

Tattoo(s): N/A

Piercing(s): Two on lower lip

Mole(s): N/A

Scar(s): N/A

Makeup: N/A


Best Trait(s): Bubbly personality

Worst Trait(s): Over-Emotional

Mannerisms: Saphira has a very loud voice, and easily attracts attention, making her role in missions usually a distraction. Despite this, she is very strong and can fight for long periods of time due to her large amounts of energy, caused by her crazy love of sugar.

What She Hates the Most: Death, crying, pain

What's Most Important to Her: Family, friendship, Eiji.

Secret(s): The reason she is so bubbly and happy is so she can hide the fact that she actually has an extremely dark and horrific past. When admitting this, she quotes; "The worst kind of pain... is when your smiling just to stop the tears from falling."

Does She Get Along With or Avoid Other People: She gets along very well with everyone except Xeren, disliking the fact that he closes off himself from everyone besides Keika.


Parents/Guardian: Carol Sage (Missing), Dante Sage (Missing)

Siblings: N/A

Spouse/Boyfriend: Eiji Karuni

(To Be Continued)