Name: Eiji Karuni

Age: 18

Birthplace: Ashville

Gender: Male

Nationality: American


Hair Colour: Blue (Naturally brown)

Eye Colour: Gold

Height: 69.3 inches

Weight: 152 lb

Tattoo(s): Black and white star on right shoulder

Piercing(s): Single piercing on left top ear

Mole(s): N/A

Scar(s): N/A

Makeup: N/A


Best Trait(s): Kind, self-sacrifices easily

Worst Trait(s): Over protective, selfless

Mannerisms: Eiji is kind and selfless, although that eventually becomes his downfall when he sacrifices himself for Keika, falsely believing Xeren had wishes to harm her. His sister means everything to him, and slowly Keika's value becomes the same. He is kind to everyone he meets, unless of course if they attempt to harm anyone of value or an innocent. 

What He Hates the Most: Being powerless to protect the ones he cares about.

What's Most Important to Him: The safety of his sister and Keika.

Secrets: Eiji and Latisha grew up in Ashville with Keika, proving that she wasn't the only survivor of the Ashville massacre. This is revealed when Eiji shares his extensive knowledge of the demon.

Does He Get Along With or Avoid Other People: Eiji gets along well with everyone, he as known as the Hunter's Big Brother.


Parents/Guardian: Ami Karuni (Mother, deceased), Jericho Karuni (Father, deceased)

Siblings: Latisha Karuni

Spouse/Girlfriend: Keika Hiria (Temporary), Saphira Sage (Wife)

Children: Prometheus (son)

Pets: Lily (cat)

Other: N/A


Friends: Keika Hiria, Xeren Louis, Saphira Sage

Best Friend: Keika Hiria

Enemies: Xeren Louis

Worst Enemy/Rival: Xeren Louis

Aquaintances: Keika Hiria, Xeren Louis, Saphira Sage

Occupation: Demon Hunter, lvl A

Salary: C: $500, B: $600, A: $800, S: $1,000

How Does He Feel About His Occupation: He is only a demon Hunter due to his sister's wish to be strong and his own wish to protect innocent people after being helpless during the Ashville massacre.

Reputation at Work: "Hunter's Big Brother"