Xeren Louis


Name: Xeren Louis

Age: 19 (Converted from demon to human years)

Birthplace: Unknown

Gender: Male

Nationality: American


Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Crimson

Height: 69.7 inches

Weight: 151 pounds

Tattoo(s): N/A

Piercing(s): N/A

Mole(s): N/A

Scar(s): N/A

Makeup: N/A


Best Trait(s): Fast thinker, reads people easily by their emotions.

Worst Trait(s): Possessive (Yandere) over Keika, stresses when he isn't completely certain of what she's doing.

Mannerisms: Usually polite to strangers unless they attempt to emotionally or physically attatch themselves to Keika, in which he will get possessive and, if provoked enough, aggressive or violent.

What He Hates the Most: Being alone or unintentionally making Keika upset.

What's Most Important to Him: Keika

Secret(s): When he first met Keika he wasn't in love with her like he believed, his attraction to her was simply out of desire to feel emotion. However, when he witnesses Keika risk her life for him once again, he realises his emotions toward her have grown immensely. Xeren hates himself, though he doesn't show it behind his arrogant, selfish exterior. This is proven when Xeren unintentionally makes Keika cry, before cutting his own wrists to express the overwhelming guilt he felt from hurting the only one who cares about him. Xeren is also obviously mentally unstable.

Does He Get Along With or Avoid Other People: Xeren is actually very shy when around other people due to the fact that he has never had a chance to socialise, being kept in his castle alone. Keika notices this and tries to help, leading to Xeren's uneasy friendship with Eiji, Saphira and Latisha. Xeren is very close to Keika.


Parents/Guardian: N/A

Siblings: N/A

Spouse/Girlfriend: Keika Hiria

Children: Nora Louis (Daughter), Kaz Louis (Son)

Pet(s): N/A

Other: N/A


Friends: Eiji Karuni, Latisha Karuni, Saphira Sage

Best Friend: Keika Hiria

Enemies: Anyone in the Demon Hunter Guild (excluding Keika)

Worst Enemy/Rival: Eiji Karuni

Aquaintances: Keika Hiria, Eiji Karuni, Latisha Karuni, Saphira Sage

Occupation: N/A

Salary: N/A

How Does He Feel About His Occupation: N/A

Reputation at Work: N/A