Keika Hiria

Name: Keika Hiria

Age: 8 (Prologue) 18 (Main chapters) 23 (Epilogue)

Birthplace: Ashville

Gender: Female

Nationality: American


Hair Colour: Silver

Eye Colour: Blue-grey

Height: 63.8 inches

Weight: 119 pounds

Tattoo(s): N/A

Piercing(s): One on either earlobe

Mole(s): One on left hip

Scar(s): One from right bottom rib to centre stomach

Makeup: N/A


Best Trait(s): Resilience, fast learner.

Worst Trait(s): Naive, trusts people easy

Mannerisms: Selfish but honest

What She Hate the Most: Lonliness, being ignored or tricked

What's Most Important to Her: People she cares about (Xeren, Eiji, Saphira, Latisha)

Secret(s): Has known that Xeren is a demon that killed her parents and erased her memories, but purposely hides and ignores the fact simply because she doesn't care. She also has a passion for performing.

Does She Get Along With or Avoid Other People: Keika isn't very social due to living alone with Xeren, but she is very close with and get's along with Eiji, Saphira and Latisha.


Parent/Guardian: Tayla Hiria (Mother, Deceased), Jaiden Hiria (Father, Deceased), Xeren Louis (Current guardian) Eiji Karuni (Guardian), Latisha Karuni (Guardian)

Sibling(s): N/A

Spouse/Boyfriend: Eiji Karuni (Temporary Boyfriend), Xeren Louis (Boyfriend/Husband)

Children: Nora Louis (Daughter), Kaz Louis (Son)

Pet(s): N/A

Other: N/A


Friends: Xeren Louis, Eiji Karuni, Latisha Karuni, Saphira Sage

Best Friend: Saphira Sage

Enemies: Xeren Louis

Worst Enemy/Rival: Latisha Karuni

Aquaintances: Xeren Louis, Eiji Karuni, Latisha Karuni

Occupation: Demon Hunter, Lvl C

Salary: C-ranked: $100 B-ranked, $200 A-ranked,$300 S-ranked,$500

How Does She Feel About Her Occupation: She thinks of it as a way to learn to defend herself should Xeren go psycho, although later realises it's completely useless because Xeren would never let himself hurt her. She would prefer to be a performer, having a secretive passion for singing and dancing, which later becomes her job after she accepts Xeren.

Reputation at Work: Keika is known as the 'Newbie Ace', because she is a relatively new member with a natural skill for demon hunting, which could be linked to the fact that she lived with one for the majority of her life.